It’s hard to lose an asset

It is a hard lesson. You won't know how hard it is until you go through it. I had big breasts I used to have mixed feelings towards. Until I eventually accepted them. It was pleasing to think how they would comfort the man I love. They brought me closer to feeling and truthfully experiencing… Continue reading It’s hard to lose an asset


Why did they include me?

She asked me to excuse myself too after she leaves the classroom to meet her visiting cousin. The teacher was strict that time, I kept thinking how to excuse myself with a lie. Why would she want me to meet her cousin? What good was I? Why would people want me to be into their… Continue reading Why did they include me?


Role. It's the same with the machinery example, but focusing on more than functions. Families implement a more sophisticated system, roles. What is my role? How does it affect the sense of identity? How I thought of this. What am I suppose to do? What do you want me to become? May you be damned… Continue reading Role.